Polycom builds flood control wall in summer

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Plan ahead - Polycom built a summer "flood control wall"

since the beginning of summer, super large rainstorms and floods caused by continuous heavy rainfall have hit many places in the south. In order to ensure the smooth progress of flood control and disaster relief work more effectively, it is an important work for all provinces and cities to establish a systematic and perfect emergency plan in advance. In the face of historic floods, both enterprises and individuals are concerned about the disaster area and are ready to contribute to the flood control work at any time. As a leader in the global unified communication industry, Polycom gives full play to its technical advantages and uses leading collaborative solutions to provide government departments with stable and reliable communication services to promote the plastic and packaging industry to the high end, help with the remote command and scheduling of flood control work and the real-time transmission of information, and fully ensure the smooth progress of rescue and disaster relief work

in recent years, floods have occurred frequently in flood seasons in southern China, and flood control in summer has become the primary work of regional governments. In addition to actively preparing disaster relief resources for emergencies, we should also carry out proactive flood control planning in advance and prepare for flood control from human, material and other aspects, so as to truly avoid the loss of people's lives and property. Polycom knows how to prepare for a rainy day. It provides video conference solutions with excellent application performance for many provinces and cities, gives full play to its technical advantages, helps relevant departments improve the efficiency of information transmission, and promotes the smooth progress of flood control work. Polycom assisted the Hunan Provincial Department of environmental protection to establish a provincial inter city remote visual emergency command and communication system, which has reduced the communication time of local governments in practical applications and effectively guaranteed the flood control work in summer

collaboration technology helps plan preparation

a sufficient and complete plan planning is the basis for effectively responding to disasters in the flood season. The earlier the detailed layout is carried out, the more perfect the final emergency plan can be. The video conference solution provided by Polycom can effectively reduce the personnel flow of cross regional meetings before the flood season and help the accurate communication of information in the preparatory stage of disaster relief. Government departments at all levels in all regions have continuously optimized the early warning plan by jointly participating in video conferences and brainstorming. And get familiar with the emergency and disaster relief work through pre Simulation Drill preparation

stable transmission and guaranteed remote communication

the situation of the flood scene is complex and changeable, and it is difficult to accurately control the specific disaster situation, which is an important problem for the actual remote command. Polycom video will discuss solutions according to the different requirements of automobile OEMs. With its own technical advantages, with high-quality communication effects and stable network transmission, it has built a simple and reliable information transmission channel between the front line and the command center to help front-line staff feed back the disaster in real time, and also help the headquarters understand the real disaster, so that the remote dispatching command can accurately issue orders, Avoid more loss of life and property. At the same time, the strong equipment compatibility of Polycom solution can also effectively reduce the cost of command and communication equipment

always be prepared and serve long-term needs

polycom video conference solution excellent product quality and stable system services can accurately help the smooth progress of flood control and disaster relief work. In addition, the consulting and maintenance services provided at any time enable Polycom's solutions to reliably support the smooth implementation of the government's work in the face of emergencies such as floods and in all aspects of daily life

it is Polycom's duty to serve customers in different industries with advanced technology and complete video and audio solutions, and to give back to the society. In the nearly 20 years since entering the Chinese market, Polycom has also been highly enthusiastic about public services, promoted the popularization and fairness of education with high-quality solutions and services, and promoted the development of modern distance education. In the process of cooperating with many hospitals in various provinces and cities to explore telemedicine side by side, it has improved the diagnosis and treatment level of domestic hospitals and saved more precious lives. In the future, Polycom will continue to cultivate the unified communication industry, serve customers with leading collaboration technology, repay the society, and provide solid technical support for flood season rescue and disaster relief

about Polycom

Polycom helps enterprises play the power of human collaboration. In order to break the barrier of distance, more than 400000 companies and institutions around the world have deployed Polycom's safe and reliable video, audio and content sharing solutions to improve productivity, accelerate product launch, provide better customer service, promote education popularization and save more lives. Polycom, together with its global partner ecosystem, provides customers with renewable materials, which is recognized by the world as the cornerstone of the high-tech industry in the 21st century. Collaborative solutions that can be flexibly applied in any environment, achieve the best user experience, the widest range of multi vendor interoperability, and unmatched investment protection

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