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Polyester bottles have a strong response in the wine packaging market

wine sales in the market are increasing, but we have not noticed a quiet change. When people talk about polyester bottles for beer packaging, the wine industry is quietly using polyester bottles for packaging and sales. Westbridge of Canada is a professional manufacturer of polyester bottles. They are very satisfied with the market prospect of packaging wine in polyester bottles according to the "1035" plan.

the appearance of polyester bottle looks like glass, but it plays the role of plastic performance. There is no problem in packaging wine. When packaging wine in polyester bottles, experts raised the most sensitive question: can the delicate taste of wine be preserved for many years as in glass bottles? This problem deserves serious consideration by every wine manufacturer and connoisseur with strong recognition ability

packaging wine in polyester bottles is a gradual process

20 years ago, the light and burst resistant polyester bottles changed the whole beverage industry, ending the era of glass bottle packaging; The transportation cost was greatly reduced, and there was no smell or product quality problem. Almost all bottled water is packaged in polyester bottles because the taste is not affected and it is economical. At present, beer container suppliers all over the world are brewing to develop polyester bottle packaging, and high alcohol spirits also use polyester bottles of different specifications - all these prove the good performance of polyester bottles. It has outstanding anti-aging properties. Although it is not widely used today, this packaging method is generally recognized, and it sells well in some markets. With these good historical records, why can't polyester bottles be used to package wine? The renewal of material technology has changed all aspects of people's life in the 21st century. Polyester material is oxygen permeable, but there are ways to transform it. We can change its chemical properties during the processing of polyester bottles to prevent oxygen penetration

initially, multi-layer composite oxygen barrier packaging containers can greatly reduce the penetration of oxygen, opening the door to a large number of polyester bottles used for wine packaging. Due to the high cost of molds and materials for multi-layer composite packaging, it has been only used for products with fast sales and high value, "usage" is restricted. Now, we can directly add a small amount of deoxidizer to the polyester resin without affecting the transparency and other properties of the bottle, which opens the door for small batch use. The test confirmed that the polyester bottle basically prevents oxygen from penetrating during the storage time of about one year. The test of 2-liter bottle confirmed that in one year, less than 10p was measured in the controlled rack. If the delivery speed exceeded the reasonable range, the oxygen transmission rate of PM was far less than 500ppm under normal storage conditions. In addition, the mold cost of producing small batches of glass bottles is almost 10 times that of polyester bottles. Merchants have little choice of bottle shape and color for the packaging of different products. Polyester bottles can be processed economically in a small batch of 50000 such as quantitative. If millions of bottles are processed annually, the mold cost will be very low (a total of $10000 to $13000).

the market response was unexpected

when no one was willing to be the pioneer, Okanagan cells became the leader in packaging wine in polyester bottles: the company's 2-liter packaging of wine has been tested for sale for a year, and all aspects of response have exceeded expectations. Scott Fraser, its vice president of marketing, said that the results have proved that not only we ourselves benefit from it, but also our retailers and consumers benefit a lot. We are comprehensively promoting the use of polyester bottles to pack wine. In the past two years, the promotion of blow pull molded polyester bottles by Xiqiao company has made the packaging of beer, spirits and non alcoholic beverages industry realize the transformation from glass bottles to polyester bottles. Joey Horvath of Columbia packaging company said that it was not many years ago to pack alcohol with polyester bottles, and there is still a lot of room in the current market.

the road to Europe

Europe seems to be ahead of North America in terms of packaging development. French chatovent company packed 1.5 liter wine in square bottles and sold it for more than 10 years, and now it is exported to Germany. German consumers generally say they like this kind of packaging very much. Will polyester bottles wipe out the wine market? The answer is: not necessarily. However, polyester bottle is indeed a qualified packaging container. The rigidity of the host is the maximum that the subjectivity can bear. Don't buy it if it looks small with the same tonnage. It will deform after a period of time, and it will be discarded directly, which has no effect at all. So remember to be careful when choosing this. At present, several companies are choosing some products to be packaged with polyester bottles. Divid birkby, the business director of Xiqiao company, said that in fact, I wouldn't imagine using polyester bottles to pack fine products that have been stored for a long time, but there is no problem using it to store table wine consumed for 6-12 months

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