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Hubei: phosphorus chemical industry and chemical enterprises along the river still have prominent pollution hidden dangers

Hubei: phosphorus chemical industry and chemical enterprises along the river still have prominent pollution hidden dangers

May 10, 2019

Li Jiaxiang, leader of the fourth ecological environment protection supervision group of the Central Committee, fed back to Hubei Province the "look back" and special inspector Zhang Shenglin said. According to the supervision results, Hubei Province has promoted the resolution of a large number of outstanding ecological and environmental problems, but the pollution and safety hazards of phosphorus chemical industry and chemical enterprises along the river are still prominent. Some problems have prevented customers from suffering additional losses, and the rectification has not reached the expected goal

the problems exposed in the supervision are that through compounding with polyurethane, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the economic and information technology department have not formulated relevant policies and specific implementation requirements for the access and capacity replacement of the phosphorus chemical industry in accordance with the requirements of the rectification plan, and there are still new capacity projects in the phosphorus chemical industry in Jingmen and Xiangyang that have passed the filing or approval of coatings in violation of regulations. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government of Jingmen City, where the phosphorus chemical industry is mainly concentrated, have never carried out a special study on the pollution remediation work of phosphorus chemical enterprises since 2017. On the ground that phosphorus chemical enterprises are mainly concentrated in Zhongxiang City under its jurisdiction, they pressed the rectification to the Zhongxiang municipal government, neither giving support and guidance, nor supervising and following up. Zhongxiang City is waiting to see the rectification. Among the 14 phosphogypsum storage yards, 11 have problems in varying degrees, such as impervious, flood interception and anti dispersion facilities, and environmental pollution and hidden dangers are very prominent

in 2016, Hubei Province launched a special centralized rectification action for heavy chemical enterprises along the Yangtze River, making it clear that the scope of rectification is the Yangtze River, Hanjiang River, Qingjiang River and their main tributaries, but the development and Reform Commission of Hubei Province arbitrarily reduced the scope of rectification to "along the Yangtze River and its primary tributaries". Xiaogan City did not include Fushu River into the regulation scope. The river is a first-class tributary of the Yangtze River, and there are 15 heavy chemical and paper enterprises within 15 kilometers of the basin. Since the special centralized regulation action was carried out, some enterprises still have the problem of excessive discharge of wastewater

special inspectors found that industrial pollution and environmental risks along the river are still prominent. There are 105 heavy chemical and paper-making enterprises in Hubei Province, which are distributed within 1km of the shoreline of the Yangtze River and Han River. The total amount of pollutants discharged is large and the environmental risks are prominent. Heavy chemical enterprises such as Hubei DINGLONG Chemical Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Pingmei Wugang United Coking Co., Ltd. have exceeded the standard for many times since 2016, and the local environmental protection department has imposed penalties instead of management. If the enterprise's illegal sewage discharge problem is found to be loose to "look back", it has not been completely solved

the inspectors required that the investigation should be conducted in accordance with the discipline and the law, and the relevant departments should be instructed to further investigate and clarify the problem of dereliction of duty and responsibility, and be held accountable seriously, accurately and effectively according to the relevant provisions. In this regard, Jiang Chaoliang, Secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee, said that we should go all out to rectify the problems and submit the rectification answer sheets on time with quality and in accordance with the feedback of the central ecological and environmental protection supervisor

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