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Mobile business intelligence (BI) is quietly rising

the adoption of mobile business intelligence (BI) applications has lagged behind other mobile applications. There are a variety of reasons, from the technical difficulty of delivering interactive reports to the small screen and the fear of showing the security of return on investment

with the emergence of more and more format friendly tablets, it is expected that the demand for mobile business intelligence will continue to rise, and it is not only the high-level groups equipped by iPad. Dresner consulting services Co., Ltd., which provides independent consulting services, recently launched a survey on mobile business intelligence. Of the 200 it leaders who participated in the survey, 70% expected that a quarter of their user base would use business intelligence only through mobile devices within two years; 25% of people think half of their users will do so

Forrester Research predicts that mobile devices will overshadow the mobile business intelligence applications of notebook computers in the next three to five years. Forrester analyst Boris evelson warned that those enterprises that are not ready for business intelligence to be accessible anytime and anywhere now will face the "risk of backwardness"

chris Brady is the CIO of dealer service company, and she fully agrees that in the workplace 9 Tensile stripping experimental machine experimental software: the number of mobile devices on the Chinese Windows interface has spread so rapidly that a set of mobile business intelligence strategy is very needed. On her desk, there are iPhone, windows mobile, Dell Streak Tablet and her iPad. "I may not need all these devices, but I like them," she said

on site dynamic intelligence

some CIOs appreciate the allure of mobile devices and realize the importance of their functions, which has important strategic significance for dealer service company, which is a used car dealer and auto loan supplier. The company recently decided to close more than 80 offices across the country and bring support staff to the headquarters of the Indianapolis company. However, the rate of increase will gradually slow down, leaving local sales staff in the region to pay close attention to their customers and dealers

Brady said, "we need to be realistic. Our dealers don't have time to come to our physical locations. We'd better close the locations we often go to."

brady said that with its powerful intelligence capabilities, mobile connectivity has already played a key role in business, and her small team of business intelligence experts are trying to provide target information, so employees don't have to dig deep. The company relies heavily on the webfocus activity technical report and scoreboard of information builder, which allows users to manipulate data flexibly according to their wishes without risking messing up data sets. Brady said that laptops with wireless cards and virtual private (VPN) functions (which were cool a few years ago) are now less attractive because people have "fully entered the mobile era"

brady said, "they must charge the battery well. If your machine doesn't run all the time, it will take some time to start. Before they go to the dealer, they simply touch it with their fingers, and the customer information they need will come out. Mobile function is the ideal choice for this demand."

"bring your own device" is on the rise

brady said that after she implemented the new mobile solution provided by information builder, her intelligence personnel now "get a lot of data through many drilling functions". The tool is suitable for active technology applications and supports all smart and tablet computers. She added that most of the time, these employees will access larger data sets with notebooks at home, so they have more time to analyze trends and make charts. In the field, they often need operational information, and they need some key data to solve the problem at hand. She said, "when you stand in a parking lot, if you have 45 seconds, these data will be very clear."

some working methods are gradually changing. The company is turning to the "bring your own device (byod)" strategy. For beginners, the team already has the technology to effectively deliver business intelligence applications to many people. Providing the right information to employees at the right time can reduce the number of it requests, and also reduce the time for workers to be at home and have a batch of high-level new materials research institutions such as Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, Ningbo Branch, Ningbo University of Nottingham, Ningbo to prepare for work. Perhaps the most significant thing is that more and more employees are completing their work only through mobile technology

she said, "you have to change your way of thinking, which is feasible. Now, this is a huge change in people's way of thinking."

other CIOs with Brady often said that they were worried about data loss, so they gave up adopting similar schemes. But she pointed out that in this scheme, the data will not reside on the device. She said, "the biggest security threat is still user behavior. People can cause greater damage by forwarding email. These ideas of you (those CIOs who are worried) will somewhat hinder the adoption of mobile business intelligence. But for me, the benefits completely outweigh the possible problems." (end)

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