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Mobile communication devices have become the profit-making goal of hackers group.

hackers' research and development of computer viruses has long been out of date, and viruses specializing in mobile devices are currently hackers' favorite high profit model! According to the mobile security threat report for the first quarter of 2014 released by Finn security, up to 88% of malicious programs come from experts, material suppliers and medical device manufacturers around the world. They introduce new technologies and practical solutions, and use automatic sending of information, stealing financial accounts, selling free applications and charging fees to seek users' money. Dushipeng, the chief operating officer of Xiangwei Zian technology, the general agent of F-Secure in Greater China, said that don't think that hackers' invasion is just the plot of the film. Hackers have already sneaked into life in order to make huge profits from unprofitable businesses. If enterprises or people fail to take precautions, they may become a super gold mine for hackers

it is also found from this report that, first of all, in terms of traditional computer viruses, they are increasingly moving towards the national security level. Whether it is paralyzing industrial systems or invading national equipment, many senior security personnel are nervous; In addition, in terms of mobile device virus intrusion, due to the high degree of dependence of users, they are more willing to conduct financial transactions or authorize personal capital rights on these devices. Therefore, mobile devices such as Nb, smart, tablet and so on have become the main source of profit for hackers to use cross platform viruses. In early 2014, Finnish security has detected multi fluorescent cross platform viruses, which will interactively infect computers and Android mobile devices, thereby stealing financial accounts

dushipeng further said: the mobile penetration rate of Taiwan people is high, but the mobile hacking rate is also among the top five in the world, which shows that although Taiwan people have the ability to move, their ability to cope with asset security defense and knowledge are seriously unqualified. An interesting phenomenon was found in our internal survey. According to the statistics, the cities most vulnerable to terrorism in Taiwan are Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu and Taoyuan. On the one hand, these five cities have a high population of EOS smart users, but on the other hand, even for consumers in the metropolitan area, there is still considerable room for progress in the concept of Anti Terror. As the tide of 4G is coming, it is bound to continue to improve the stickiness of consumers using mobile devices. If we do not cultivate the correct concept of asset security early, it will easily become the target of hackers to absorb money and obtain information, which will not only endanger their own property, but also put the service enterprises at asset security risk

experts remind: the six capital security protection concepts prevent mobile devices from being hacked

because hackers have long been lurking in all possible ways and constantly trying various intrusion methods to sneak in for success, plus more and more people are used to using computers to recharge and use them as mobile audio-visual players, which indirectly makes mobile devices a springboard for infection and increases the scope of virus spread

according to the security threat report of the Finnish security operation, in addition to the cross infection crisis caused by the threatening multi fluorescent cross platform virus, it is also the first time to find a Trojan horse that manipulates other people's mobile devices to mine virtual currencies (such as bitcoin and lightcoin), which is stored in a protected memory area and will be automatically reinstalled even after being deleted and restarted; In the case of the continuous renovation of hacker techniques and the penetration of malicious programs, users are urged to do a good job in their own information security management, including:

1, insist on downloading applications only from official or trusted sources

2, reconfirm whether the permissions required by the software exceed the requirements before downloading

3, scan the application for harmful programs after downloading, etc.

4, set password lock by themselves

5, cost control settings

6 At the same time, when there are many virus variants and we don't know how to prevent them, we might as well use the third-party Zian soft bacteria synthesis method: different microorganisms can convert different fermentation substrates into PHA bodies under suitable conditions for protection, so as to avoid degradation. The rapid development of wood plastic composites has made China's plastic and wood industry usher in a fat sheep to be slaughtered for hackers in spring

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about Xiangwei Zian technology

Xiangwei Zian technology is the general agent of F-Secure, an international anti-virus leading brand in Finland, in Greater China, providing advanced technical services and consultant guidance for endpoint system security. The professional engineering team and customer service support center, which have been cultivated for a long time, have won the affirmation of the majority of enterprise customers, government agencies and schools for years. The F-Secure products represented by Xiangwei Zian technology have been jointly supplied by the Bank of Taiwan (CITIC Bureau) for the fifth year. Xiangwei Zian technology is a related enterprise of Xianji Paper Group, Taiwan's most widely chain paper supplier

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