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Mobil synthetic lubricant technology ensures the high-speed and smooth operation of rail transit. ExxonMobil unveiled the 2018 international rail transit machinery transmission technology innovation forum

Mobil synthetic lubricant technology to ensure the high-speed and smooth operation of rail transit. ExxonMobil unveiled the 2018 international rail transit machinery transmission technology innovation forum

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November 8, 2018, Changzhou, Jiangsu - recently, ExxonMobil brings comprehensive lubrication solutions to the 2018 international rail transit mechanical transmission technology innovation forum. As the supporting unit of the conference, ExxonMobil has brought high-performance lubrication products and lubrication solutions specially created for railway locomotives and rail vehicles to the forum, which can comprehensively help the safe, efficient and stable operation of the mechanical transmission system of rail transit, and improve the operation capacity and competitiveness of trains

As a safe, convenient, efficient and green transportation mode, the new rail transit positive elastic curve shows accelerated development worldwide. As a country with the fastest development of high-speed railway and the largest scale of tableware under construction in the world, China has shown the charm of the newly developed plastic materials in the project with the theme of "no conflict with ori aftershocks in production like nag". In recent years, Mayor Bloomberg of New York and environmentalists have a strong attitude and have made many major technological breakthroughs in the field of rail transit

with more than 150 years of lubrication management experience, ExxonMobil has been working closely with leading equipment manufacturers in the rail transit industry to develop advanced lubricants for a variety of demanding applications and provide comprehensive lubrication solutions for all parts of rail transit equipment, so as to help stabilize and improve equipment performance, reduce overall operating costs, save energy and protect the environment

as an industry-leading fully synthetic lubricant, Mobil synthetic lubricant series, specially designed with unique formula and cutting-edge lubrication technology, can protect equipment under a variety of harsh conditions, help achieve a long oil change cycle, help prolong the service life of equipment, and help reduce energy consumption

among them, Mobil synthetic gear oil 75w-90 (mobil ™ Synthetic gear oil 75w-90) is a fully synthetic gear oil prepared by synthetic base oil and advanced additive system, which can provide lubrication for a variety of railway gear boxes and achieve excellent load bearing capacity under extreme pressure and impact load conditions It can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the equipment. And Mobil black overlord 1 TM synthetic gear oil 80w-140 (Mobil delvac 1 ™ Gear oil 80w-140) is a multi-purpose vehicle gear oil, which has excellent low-temperature fluidity, excellent high-temperature stability, excellent load-carrying capacity, and the formula does not contain viscosity index improvers, which can maintain excellent viscosity temperature performance, especially in hyperbolic gears under high mechanical shear operation and other applications with severe service conditions. This product has helped Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. improve the lubrication of locomotive bogie gearbox, saving RMB 1.056 million per year [1]

[1] Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. previously selected a brand of hyperbolic gear oil for the initial assembly lubrication of the steering gear box of electric locomotives such as harmony HXD1 (DJ4), hxd1c, etc., but the customer found that the lubrication effect previously used was not ideal. After recommending Mobil heibawang 1 TM synthetic gear oil 80w-140 to Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Factory through ExxonMobil equipment manufacturer engineers and field service engineers, The lubrication of locomotive steering gear box has been improved, which can save customers 1.056 million yuan per year

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