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Mobile 400 business: a "good helper" of enterprise marketing

Mr. Wang is the head of the marketing department of an enterprise in Shenzhen. Because the company's products have been highly praised, the marketing has been booming in recent times. The company's operators have expanded from more than ten to dozens, but still can't meet the needs of customers. By chance, he noticed that Shenzhen Mobile launched the 400 enterprise number, and added a series of customer application services on the basis of providing voice services, which can help enterprises greatly improve the connection rate and reduce communication costs

in combination with the company's situation, Mr. Wang decided to adopt the 400 business of China Mobile, and through the national unified number selection, he selected a number similar to his current switchboard. After the company officially launched the national unified 4001, the customer service department received more and more inquiries. By hanging multiple destination numbers, the situation of being unable to call is almost zero

this is an epitome of the mobile 400, which is deeply pursued by the relevant person in charge of the enterprise Zhengzhou Rixin building materials Co., Ltd. told reporters. Up to now, China Mobile has signed use contracts with nearly 20000 enterprises including Zhejiang Anbang insurance, Wuliangye Group, Tencent, Bank of China in Jiangsu, Shenzhen Chow Tai Fook jewelry and Dongguan Bubu Gao. There are many Shenzhen enterprises. Yesterday, it was learned from Shenzhen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong company that since China Mobile officially launched its mobile 400 business in Shenzhen in mid February this year, it has caused great repercussions among Shenzhen enterprises, which cover securities, funds, logistics, e-commerce, TV shopping, business ticket booking, catering chain, manufacturing and other fields

national unified access number local call payment

according to the introduction, the mobile 400 service is a voice call service with shared payment between the caller and the callee. It is a 10 digit national unified access number service led by 4001 provided by China Mobile for enterprise users, which is mainly used as a private number for enterprises. On the basis of providing voice services, mobile 400 also adds application services such as SMS/MMS interaction, virtual call center and customer relationship management, which can help enterprises build a comprehensive access portal for marketing publicity and customer service

it is understood that the principle of 400 is to transfer all incoming calls as the iconic super sports car under the general group through call transfer, and receive the answer designated by the enterprise. If the customer dials 400 -, the essence is to transfer the incoming voice to the destination number designated by the transportation committee

according to Shenzhen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong company, since China Mobile is not the pioneer of 400 business, it must have its own unique advantages to compete in an industry that has been operating for many years and has mature products. The 400 service is a voice call service in which the caller and the callee share the payment, and the communication expenses are shared by consumers and enterprises. For enterprises, the use of the mobile 400 service helps to improve their corporate image and market competitiveness, and reduces their communication expenses by sharing the expenses with consumers; For consumers, no matter where you are in the country, whether you are out of town or on business, as long as you dial mobile 400, you only need to pay the city call fee, and consumers will never pay the long-distance fee when they dial mobile 400

bring a lot of benefits to enterprises

actively serve customers

it is learned that in addition to the advantages of other operators' 400 business and 800 business, mobile 4001 also adds many enterprise level applications to meet the needs of enterprise customers in an all-round way. On the one hand, the 400 special line can not only unify the enterprise brand image, but also unify the enterprise service, so that enterprises can solve problems more quickly and efficiently; On the other hand, it can help enterprises improve the connection rate, reduce communication costs and improve service quality; Finally, the short message and call control functions of this service can meet the more complex applications of enterprises

for example, enterprises can provide more intimate enterprise services by combining 400 voice with SMS; Enterprises can also flexibly realize the configuration of functions through the self-service management platform to reduce the time cost of going to the business hall to handle business; Rich report statistics can help enterprises realize the fine management of communication costs

according to Shenzhen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong company, mobile 400 can bring a win-win situation for enterprises. The traditional 400 basically answers and answers questions in a duck feeding manner, and the enterprise is in a state of passive service. The highlight of mobile 400 business is that the integration of resources enables enterprises and customers to get interactive marketing, and provides a unified national business management platform on the network. Enterprises can log in to the national unified platform to query the corresponding communication reports, call details and other information, so that enterprises can grasp the business dynamics in real time, analyze market changes and make marketing decisions. At the same time, enterprises can also use the SMS function to send preferential information, orders and other information to customers. Consumers can also put forward their opinions and needs to enterprises in India, which is 12% of the industry through SMS. At the same time, the mobile 400 outbound call function also meets the needs of enterprises for active service and realizes close interaction with consumers

save costs for enterprises

temporarily closed to individuals

in addition, mobile 400 is also about to launch a "virtual call center", so that enterprises can easily use IVR, team in order to meet the cost challenges and the needs of large-scale production, recording and other call center services without any cost. This not only solves the problem that the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise customers need call centers but are limited by investment costs, but also provides convenient call center backup solutions for large enterprises to solve the problem of reduced service quality due to peak traffic

in addition to the advantages of basic charges, mobile 400 also saves unnecessary manual response expenses for enterprises through the voice autonomous system. Consumers can get corresponding self-service according to voice prompts when dialing the enterprise's mobile 400 number. The setting of holiday routing enables enterprises to realize real-time answering through number setting when no one is working on holidays or weekends, which saves the overtime expenses of holiday personnel. At the same time, there are many different routing settings to save communication costs for enterprises

it is reported that the mobile 400 business is not only served by a specially assigned person in the early stage, but also equipped with a specially assigned after-sales service center in the whole business process. Enterprises and consumers can call national experts for consultation at any time and anywhere, 365 days + 7 × 24-hour service, escorting enterprises and consumers

it is learned that in view of the situation that illegal institutions use 400 business to engage in illegal acts in society, China Mobile Guangdong Company Shenzhen Branch has also taken a series of management measures to regulate the market in terms of the application for the opening of 400 number. For example, at present, the mobile 400 business is only provided to enterprises and institutions, not individuals; This business is only developed by the free customer manager channel, and no agent channel is authorized to develop this business, which comprehensively ensures the safety of the majority of users

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the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong company said that the current mobile 400 business features mainly include:

full access. The mobile 400 service does not require line access. Once the number is applied for opening, it can be used nationwide. It will not change due to changes in enterprise conditions. Once used, it will remain unchanged for life

unified image. Mobile 400 has the same voice, SMS and MMS numbers. As a national unified number that will never change externally to meet the diverse communication needs of enterprises, combining brands, services, products and numbers can not only enhance the corporate image, but also highlight the strength of enterprises

the number is easy to remember. Enterprises can set their own unique number according to their own characteristics, which is loud and easy to remember and highlights the brand

user preferences. Users of enterprises dial 400 to collect market calls without long-distance charges, which can improve the perception of enterprise users and expand the market scope of enterprises

rich resources. Million number resources, diversified self-service functions, detailed and perfect data statistics to meet the diversified application needs of enterprises

expert service., Customers only need to pay the city call fee and get 7 × 24-hour expert service helps customers solve problems all the time. Shenzhen business daily

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