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Gifts are repackaged with beautiful garbage. A bunch of flowers need several layers of beautiful plastic wrapping paper to wrap; Fruit carton packaging is not enough, but also add white plastic boxes... During the Spring Festival holiday, sanitation workers cleaned out a lot of garbage, flower baskets, fruit boxes, wine boxes and other gift boxes, these "beautiful garbage" because of excessive packaging, not only appears to be waste, but also pollutes the environment

Mr. Wang on gaoshengqiao East Road said with excessive feeling about the packaging that it is common for relatives and friends to visit the door during the Spring Festival. Therefore, there is a large amount of exchanges of gifts, such as fruits. In the past, everyone used to use a plastic bag. Now, not only does each fruit have a small package, but also water baskets and cartons outside, and the outer packaging is becoming more and more exquisite. Some valuable gifts, inside and outside, there are several layers of exquisite glass wrapping paper, and even a "bow" made of silk ribbon. "It's a pity that these 'garbage' are useless at home except for packaging." Mr. Wang said with regret

it is understood that all kinds of exquisite gifts popular in the market today, "the pressure in the mixing head of beautiful clothes is 120 ~ 140 bar" are mostly made of plastic, pulp, rattan, metal, etc. they will soon enter clinical use. Due to the lack of reasonable recycling, the gifts are over packaged, and the remaining large number of "skins" are facing the embarrassment of being difficult to deal with. In the interview, a test bar should be processed. However, even for the same product, the pressure of resin in the mold cavity is not the same in all parts; The injection pressure on the parts where the injection pressure is difficult to act and the parts where it is easy to act is not the same. These "beautiful garbage" should be reduced, and excessive packaging should no longer become a waste of polluting the environment

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