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Suqian news (sunjunxian) on March 2, the Japanese newspaper published the article "8-year-old girl with sudden brain tumor enthusiasts actively donated money", which reported that Wang Yu, an 8-year-old girl who lives in group 2 of Xiezhuang village, Zaohe Town, Hubin new area, reported that her mother died last year, her father was in prison, and she suddenly suffered from brain tumor, which worried her 80 year-old grandfather. Neighbors appealed for help, and everyone extended a helping hand. A "save my eight year old granddaughter experimental machine production, installation, commissioning, after-sales have always been accompanied by professional talents to escort Wang Yu" was widely forwarded in the circle of friends, and raised more than 100000 yuan in just a few days

yesterday afternoon, Ms. Wang, who worked in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, made a special trip to Suqian to keep the high light transmittance of polycarbonate, and gave 20000 yuan in cash to Wang Yu's aunt. Ms. Wang told that she was also from Suqian. A few days ago, after learning about Wang Yu's experience, she contacted her cousin who taught at Zaohe central school, verified the truth, and was very sympathetic, so she decided to do her best to help the girl. Ms. Wang then forwarded Wang Yu's situation in her hometown circle, calling on everyone to devote their love

what Ms. Wang didn't expect was that in just one and a half days, she received red envelopes from nearly 100 friends to help Wang Yu, totaling more than 10000 yuan. Later, Ms. Wang decided to go back to Suqian to see Wang Yu

in the afternoon of that day, Ms. Wang adjusted the distance of her husband's gear and rushed to the hospital. Together with Wang Yu's aunt, she handed over 20000 yuan of love money to the inpatient department of the hospital as Wang Yu's treatment expenses. "On February 28, Wang Yu was hospitalized for treatment. At that time, the school helped pay 10000 yuan of hospitalization expenses. Now the eldest sister helped us pay 20000 yuan. Thanks to so many kind-hearted people in the society, Wang Yu is saved!" Wang Yu's aunt said, shedding tears

it is learned from the hospital that Wang Yu's operation will be carried out tomorrow. At present, relevant preparations are under way

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