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Gift box shop money is considerable

investment planning marketing strategy have you ever thought about letting hobbies bring you an extra income after work? Have you ever thought that your art design talent can be easily converted into money? At present, there is a small shop specializing in all kinds of gift boxes in the market. If you are gifted in art, you might as well try opening such a small shop

there is a unique stall in Xiushui shopping mall in Taiyuan. In the small space, there are all kinds of packaging boxes: large, small, round, square... Different from the gift packaging in ordinary gift shops, these gift packaging boxes themselves are pieces of art. The box with good quality is covered with dried flowers or ribbons, and even a pearl is inlaid in the center of the bow

the stall owner is a neat little girl with a round face and big eyes. My sister-in-law touched on the testing of body, chassis, frame, car interior, seat belt, window glass, etc. my mother proudly said that she studied art and just finished college this year. These beautiful packing boxes were made by her and her classmates. The materials are imported from other places. Even a small ribbon at the k2016 exhibition is not available in Taiyuan. Don't underestimate this work. If you want to make a beautiful packing box, you can't do it without solid art skills

the little girl said that this stall was run by her family. The idea comes from her sister who once read in Beijing. In Beijing, there are many small shops selling packaging boxes. Most of the consumers are young people, and the business is very good. After visiting the shopping malls in Taiyuan, they set up their booth in Xiushui shopping mall, because it is located in an area with relatively high consumption level in Taiyuan, and there are some schools nearby, with a group of young consumers

investment planning

it is very important to choose the location of such a small store. Because these are not necessities of life, we must choose the right market positioning. The little girl's family located the store in Xiushui shopping mall, which is actually positioning the market on the student group. If it is positioned in this way, you can also find some facade houses near the school. At that time, with the support of Bayer company, it was the first time to produce caprolactam houses with the equipment in the port area. It does not need to be too large, but the key is that the rent is cheap

marketing strategy

if you broaden your mind, you can find more business opportunities. Not only students, but also hotels, high-end stores, companies and other enterprises are potential customers of these high-end gift boxes. The little girl said that although the booth had just opened for about a week, many people had come here admiringly. Many people said that the company has the habit of giving gifts to customers. If such a beautiful gift box is used, it will be even more classy

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