The hottest gift recycling encountered a cold wave

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Gift recycling encountered a cold spell in Changsha

after the Spring Festival in previous years, the business of the "gift recycling" industry is generally at its peak. But after visiting some gift recycling stores in Changsha, I was surprised to find that this year, "gift recycling" encountered an unprecedented cold wave in Changsha

it is difficult to do business in the backyard.

on the morning of the 3rd, I visited some gift recycling stores in Changsha and found that these recycling stores were in the backyard. At the end of April this year, many grocery stores and cigarette hotels that used to hang out the "recycled gifts" brand cancelled this "business". First of all, I came to a gift recycling store on Yingbin Road in Changsha. Mr. Zhang, the boss, said helplessly that at present, the gift recycling market in Changsha is in a downward trend. Now the average daily turnover is only a few hundred yuan, and sometimes no one cares about it all day. He estimated that the value of gifts received this year was less than 60% of that of the same period last year

"business is really getting worse year by year." The owner of a gift recycling shop on Xiangchun road also made the same exclamation. Now it is more and more difficult to do business. Although he has expanded his "business scope" and increased the collection of health products and consumption vouchers in addition to famous cigarettes and wine, the profits are still too small to compare with the past

the owner of the gift recycling store believes that the main reason for the decline in business is that in recent years, shopping vouchers, local specialties, etc. have gradually replaced the dominant position of tobacco and alcohol in the "annual ceremony", which makes the recycled famous cigarettes and wine less and less, so that the long axis of the sample coincides with the stretching direction through the centerline of the fixture. In addition, he also believes that "there are too many fake goods" and "bad shopkeepers secretly transfer packages" have made citizens distrust gift recycling stores. "These illegal acts have smashed the signboard of gift recycling!" "It is expected that the business of the gift recycling store will be cold!" Mr. Xia, who works in a government department in Tianxin District, Changsha, told that as early as before the Spring Festival, civil servants in their units had received relevant notices to strictly abide by the regulations on integrity and self-discipline during the Spring Festival, and no one gave or received gifts for the Spring Festival

according to the analysis of relevant people, the desolation of "gift recycling" in Changsha is also related to the change of citizens' New Year greetings. During the Spring Festival this year, there are fewer visits at home, and more via text messages and New Year greetings. With fewer gifts, the gift recycling business is naturally deserted

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