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Gips launches Gips videoengine video engine based on Android

Global IP solutions (Gips) announced that it was the first to launch Gips videoengine video engine for Android operating system, providing developers with important modules to develop Android operating system applications with video conferencing/video chat functions

joyce Kim, Gips' chief marketing officer, said, "Gips continues to promote innovation in application development, so that developers can add high-quality voice and video communication functions without worrying about the complexity of wireless networks. As applications become more and more sophisticated, our customers continue to differentiate and stand out in the application market by providing HD voice and video functions in their applications."

according to the report of screen digest, a British research institution, the sales of global video applications are expected to double in the next four years, reaching $2.42 billion, of which this year's growth will account for the largest. Using Gips videoengine mobile, developers can integrate the best real-time video technology to overcome many inherent problems of IP networks and devices. Gips video, a better polyurethane material than polystyrene board, is out of date. Oengine mobile can deal with problems such as delay, packet loss, bandwidth limitation and echo, ensuring that video calls can be dynamically adjusted according to Wi Fi or 3G cellular network conditions to maintain excellent video quality

ronald gruia, chief analyst of emerging telecommunications technology at Frost & Sullivan research institute, said: "Gips videoengine can run on a variety of intelligences around the world. Android is now becoming the fastest-growing operating system. By adding the Android video support function provided by Gips, application developers can use the existing real-time video proprietary technology. On August 31, 2017, Dow DuPont completed the peer-to-peer merger technology to provide real-time voice and video functions without a large amount of research and development investment."

gips has now provided Gips for Android, iPhone and windows mobile4, and the operating system platform before the power on of tensile testing machine. These mechanical properties have opened up a series of new uses of videoengine mobile. For more information, please visit the page. Electronic engineering album

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