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Gift wrapping shop, a small business with a monthly income of more than 10000

we often give gifts to relatives and friends during festivals

gift packaging has become a new highlight of consumption, from which some people have found business opportunities and started their own business path. In June, 2001, wangguibin and Huang Weili opened a gift packaging store in Beijing Wantong new world commodity exchange market

for five years, their business has been good. In the 6-square-meter shop, customers come to pack gifts in an endless stream, and Mr. and Mrs. Wang are happier and happier in the gift packaging industry

one of the keys to success: strong interest

"I opened the store because I liked it." Wangguibin said that they didn't think too much before opening the store. They just saw that people began to accept the idea of spending money on packaging. They were very interested in this industry and began to work

Huang Weili likes packaging. Before opening the store, she read a lot of books about packaging and often wrapped gifts for others. Friends often ask her to help with the packaging. Every time she is full of creativity, her friends praise her. Her friend's affirmation made her proud, "I like this kind of work. After packaging it for others, seeing their smiling faces, I have a unique sense of satisfaction." Huang Weili likes packaging and enjoys it. Her friends say that if she does gift packaging business, she will succeed

there are obvious off-season and peak season in the gift packaging industry. The peak season of business is from the Mid Autumn Festival to the next summer. During this period, there are more holidays and more people get married. Especially at the end of the year and before the Spring Festival, the business of gift packaging stores is the best time. Wangguibin and Huang Weili are often busy. But in summer, business will be flat. "In summer, we will be idle and panic. If we are not interested, we really don't have the patience to stick to it." Wangguibin said

in the off-season, when a circuit produces strange phenomena, the two of them will use this relatively free time to think about some innovative packaging designs. Gift boxes of various shapes, packaging shapes with different styles, and beautiful hand-made gift flowers in the store were all made by the two of them after thinking for more than ten minutes or even hours

the key to success is that the main axis of the flat cord section should be parallel to the 103 line of the swing shaft: continuous innovation

whether it's a birthday gift, holiday gift or wedding gift, people want to package the gift with personality. Wang Guibin and his wife often try some new forms of packaging to impress customers with beautiful and novel shapes

wangguibin said that packaging is not a simple package of gifts. "The packaging of a gift can be elegant, weird, or very fancy, but it must look clever and beautiful. It is not about wrapping a layer of wrapping paper and sticking a bow. It needs full imagination and design to make a bright package."

in the packaging store of Mr. and Mrs. Wang, there are a dazzling number of gift boxes for packaging, not only rectangular and square, but also heart-shaped, fan-shaped and candy shaped. The creativity of gift packaging is not only reflected in the box. Mr. and Mrs. Wang also use ribbons to make various shapes in different styles: strange faces, cute cartoons, affectionate girls, and spelling, such as "Happy Birthday", "bless you", etc. For some gifts that cannot be wrapped in gift boxes, they also provide special paper gift bags. The size of the gift can be customized

novel ideas have won consumers' satisfaction and patronage again. "There are many repeat customers in our store. Many people come to our store to pack new year gifts or birthday gifts every time they give them." Huang Weili said

"the key is that my wife has many new ideas in her head and her hands are clever, so our gift packaging is beautiful and unique." Wangguibin praised his lover's creativity like this

happily run a small store business

Mr. and Mrs. Wang Guibin invested more than 50000 yuan in opening the composite door module at the beginning, and they recovered their capital after operating for more than a year. Now, in the off-season, their monthly sales volume is also about 30000 yuan, and it can reach 60000 or 70000 yuan in the peak season

in their small shop, gifts can be wrapped complex or simple. The simplest packaging costs only 3 yuan, while complex packaging costs dozens of yuan or even hundreds of yuan. Most packaging is the standard of 20 or 30 yuan. Huang Weili said frankly that the profit of gift packaging business is not very high, "but I like this industry. I make money and harvest happiness every day."

over the past five years, Mr. and Mrs. Wang have created many strange packages. They once wrapped a candy for customers in a small gift box containing rings; Wang Guibin and Huang Weili were always happy when they used a large gift box that could hold a 29 inch TV to wrap a huge gift and imagined the surprised expression of others when they received the gift

they are also more and more confident in the business of the packaging store. "If someone buys gifts, someone will package them. Now that people have money, they are more and more exquisite. More and more people come to package them, and the packaging specification is higher than that of the previous two years." Now they also plan to open another branch, hoping to make their own packaging store a famous one

tips for entrepreneurship

site selection: open in the gift mall or trinket zone, where customers who buy gifts this year are relatively concentrated

technical threshold: not only have the foundation of packaging, but also be interested and patient in packaging

initial investment: it takes about 30000 or 40000 yuan to import materials, and the rent varies from place to place

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