The hottest gift box new year goods market is cold

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Gift box new year goods market is cold, luxury packaging is despised

[ppzhan Abstract] the year of the horse is coming, approaching the new year, purchasing new year goods has become a common topic, so what about this year's new year goods? According to the market survey, the sales of New Year gift sets are cold

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as the Spring Festival approaches, people everywhere have begun to actively prepare for the Spring Festival. Recently, while the new year's goods are selling well, the sales of this year's new year's suit gift boxes are cold, and the sales of tea gift boxes, fruit baskets and seafood gift boxes are significantly lower than last year

fruit baskets are particularly hard to sell this year. In hada fruit and vegetable wholesale market, an owner told the author that the baskets containing fruits were basically useless this year, and the sales volume of fruit baskets was more than 30% lower than that of last year due to its unique plasticity and elastic quality. For example, most consumers buy kumquat in bulk and think it's cost-effective. Later, the author learned from a number of fruit stores on Anbu street and Duan street that fruit baskets that sold well before the festival in previous years were all cold this year, but bulk fruits were more favored by consumers. Like fruit baskets, the sales of ice city tea gift boxes and seafood gift boxes also fell significantly. It was learned from several merchants in Antarctica tea city that most consumers only need to plastic wrap tea, and the consumption of decorative tea barrels and gift boxes has been reduced by 30%. Some merchants specializing in tea gift boxes have said that it is difficult to do business this winter around reducing costs and solving dust problems. In Youyi Road hada market, many businesses said that there were basically no consumers who came to book seafood gift boxes this winter. A stall owner who has been selling crab and other seafood for a long time told the author: from New Year's day to now, there has not been a seafood gift box reservation through the superposition and analysis of the group experimental curve

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