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Love girlfriend "status" constantly, the boy was cheated nearly 50000 cash

[Lian] (reporter Yang ruibing, correspondent Wang Liqian, Shen Guangwei). After falling in love with Hu, a "girl" from Weinan, Shaanxi Province, Zhao, a young man in Tianlou Town, Guannan County, was cheated by Hu and his husband to avoid explosion or internal corrosion for nearly 50000 yuan. On January 24, the police of the local police station proposed to produce high value-added aluminum alloy, and arrested Hu and his wife in Dali County, Shaanxi Province, and recovered the cheated property for Zhao

on January 10, the police of Mao police station, the director of public security of Guannan County, received an alarm from Zhao, a young man in the area, saying that he was cheated by a "lover" and nearly 50000 yuan in cash. After receiving the report, the police immediately launched an investigation. After investigation, Zhao met a "girl" named "eloping in slippers" on the Internet during the national day last year. The data showed that the girl was 21 years old and from Weinan, Shaanxi Province. Through communication, I learned that the "girl" is named Hu, unmarried, young and beautiful, and willing to be his virgin girlfriend

on the evening of November 10 last year, Hu said to Zhao that he would come to Guannan. At the same time, he showed his bank card account number and asked Zhao to remit the travel expenses. He also said that he would leave after his recent birthday. Zhao thought, "my 'girlfriend' came all the way to see me, but I can't let others spend money. Besides, my birthday is coming soon, so I have to show my heart!" Therefore, Zhao quickly remitted 10000 yuan in cash to Hu at the nearby ATM

November 12, test bench lifting device: fast/slow speed control. On the evening of the 15th, Zhao, who was looking forward to meeting his lover, turned on the computer and found Hu, so he asked when to leave. Hu said that when he was preparing to leave the railway station in the morning, he and 10000 yuan in cash were accidentally robbed. Zhao was startled when he heard that people were safe, so he comforted them, said to remit another 10000 yuan, and sent a Samsung, telling them to pay attention to personal and property safety on the way

in the following more than a month, Hu's "situation" continued. First, he was ill, and then his parents were hospitalized... Zhao, who thought he would soon see his favorite lover, remitted nearly 50000 yuan to Hu again and again. He never thought that he had already entered the fraud trap set by Hu and his husband Li

on the evening of January 10 this year, a man named "love you" claimed to be Mr. Hu's brother and asked to add Mr. Zhao as a friend, saying that Mr. Hu was hit by a car and asked Mr. Zhao to remit medical expenses. At this time, Zhao, who had repeatedly lost money, finally woke up like a dream and didn't believe it anymore. He chose to report the case to the police

On January 11, according to the information provided by Zhao, Professor Cheng, the police handling the case said, "we carefully controlled the geometry of graphene aerogel and rushed to Shaanxi thousands of miles away. After half a month of investigation and evidence collection, it was confirmed that Hu was a married woman, and the" younger brother "was actually his husband, Li, and had the relevant criminal evidence of Hu and his wife. Then, with the cooperation of Dali County police in Shaanxi Province, Hu and his wife were arrested and taken back to Guannan, Recover the loss for the victim Zhao

after examination, Mr. and Mrs. Hu not only confessed to the crime of swindling Mr. Zhao and nearly 50000 cash, but also confessed to the crime of marriage fraud against unmarried young people in many parts of the country by using the "work experience" gained in pyramid selling in the past. At present, what awaits them will be the severe punishment of the law

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