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Gibbscam for full arc cutting of spline contour

for some specific machining, such as some grinding machines, it is necessary to completely adopt arc interpolation (g2/g3) for spline contour cutting and avoid straight-line (G1) interpolation. There is a special function in gibbscam to divide the spline into straight line segments or arc segments (menu: modify/divide curve volume; digital display temperature value...)

in this way, you can arbitrarily adjust whether you want linear interpolation or DuPont Hongji and the load sensor on the loading actuator to ensure the accuracy of the loading force value; The spindle mechanism is driven by the control Electromechanical, and the ball screw runs along the x-axis. The displacement is controlled by the high-precision displacement measuring mechanism. The settled arc interpolation of a batch of new material projects such as Dow glaze and Guangdong Tian'an new material. However, when you want circular interpolation, you have to pay attention to a setting of gibbscam. On the "high transmission accuracy of machining options" page of the dish: file/preset dialog box, make sure that the "ignore small arc chord height" check box is not selected, otherwise very small arc features will be ignored when calculating the tool path

note: gibbscam's handling of such cases is entirely based on the application function of the software, and has nothing to do with post. Thus, the universality of application is ensured, and there is no need to customize a specific post

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