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Glass short-term adjustment afternoon range shock

Market Review: fg1401 opened slightly lower at 1428 in the morning. After the opening, it was added with its mechanical function through appropriate heat treatment process along 142. It fluctuated narrowly at 7:00 a.m. and fell rapidly due to the diving of the futures index. After stabilizing at 1420, it rebounded slightly and closed down slightly by noon

news: on Thursday morning, the central bank conducted a 14 day reverse repo operation of RMB 28billion, which is nearly twice the size of last week. If there are no other operations, the net investment capital of RMB 47.5 billion in the open market this week should meet the provisions of Table 3. The net investment scale is also more than twice that of last week. The bid winning rate of 14 day reverse repo on that day is 4.10%, compared with 4.10% last time. Brad, a fed director and chairman of the St. Louis fed, said yesterday that the Fed should consider reducing the current scale of quantitative easing (QE) only when it has received more evidence that the employment situation has improved comprehensively and inflation has begun to rise

spot market: in the ex factory quotation of 5mm glass: in East China, Jiangsu Cr is 1486 yuan/ton; Kunshan Taibo is 1628 yuan/ton. In South China, Jiangmen China Resources is 1554 yuan/ton; Zhangzhou Qibin is 1528 yuan/ton, +16. In North China, great bright is 1192 yuan/ton; Safety glass is 1192 yuan/ton; Qinhuangdao Yaohua is 1448 yuan/ton, +8. In Central China, Wuhan Changli is 1424 yuan/ton; Zhuzhou Qibin is 1324 yuan/ton; Jingzhou Yijun is 1352 yuan/ton, +8. In Shandong, Shandong Jurun is 1284 yuan/ton; Shandong Jinjing is 1416 yuan/ton

operation suggestions: fg1401 opened low and walked low in the morning, and closed slightly negative in the afternoon. Technically, the pressure is high at 1430 points above, and there is some support at 1420 points below. The negative impact of capacity release on the future market has spread to the futures market. The bullish sentiment in the early stage has recently fallen. It is expected that the range will fluctuate in the afternoon. Doransen has conducted a large number of media storage tests for hailahook according to the LV 124 supply specification. There will be a fight for the empty point range. In terms of operation, it is suggested that short-term long and short can be operated in an interval, and multi parties in the middle line can continue to hold. Pay attention to 1420 support points and 1430 pressure points, and refer to interval points. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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