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Dongyuejin chiller factory analyzes the six major effects of air in the air-cooled chiller refrigeration system

air-cooled chiller | air-cooled chiller | air-cooled industrial chiller - dongyuejin chiller factory analyzes the six major effects of air in the air-cooled chiller refrigeration system: the air-cooled chiller is a refrigeration equipment with sealed structure integrating compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttling device, water tank, water pump, electric control system, etc, It mainly uses its own fan to dissipate heat, without other auxiliary equipment, especially the simplest installation, so it is widely loved by users. At present, the change experimental machine is introduced as one of the hot-selling chillers in dongyuejin cold experimental multi-function water machine factory

the refrigeration effect of an air-cooled chiller depends not only on its main accessories, but also on the integrity of the refrigeration system. Even a little air in the refrigeration system will affect the operation of the unit. The reason for the existence of air in the refrigeration system may be that the vacuum pumping of the refrigeration system is not strict; Improper operation during refrigerant filling or refueling; When the low-pressure system works under negative pressure; Or improper operation and use

as air is a non condensable gas, when it enters the refrigeration system of the air-cooled chiller, it will cause the following six major effects:

1. The condensation pressure increases. After entering the condenser, the air occupies a certain volume and has a certain partial pressure. The more air accumulated, the higher its partial pressure, resulting in the pressure rise in the condenser

2. Reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser. The air accumulates in a certain part of the condenser, so that the inner surface of the part is surrounded by air, which cannot effectively dissipate heat, thus raising the condensation temperature and pressure

3. Corrosion of pipelines and equipment. The entry of air increases the water content in the air-cooled chiller system, causing pipeline corrosion

4, the refrigeration efficiency decreases. With the increase of condensation pressure, the gas transmission of the compressor is reduced, the working flow of the motor is increased, the power consumption is increased, and the refrigeration efficiency is reduced

5. The compressor exhaust temperature rises. When the temperature approaches or exceeds the flash point of the lubricating oil, it is easy to decompose the lubricating oil and cause accidents outside the equipment and materials of Italian advanced rail transit

6. When the moisture entering the system with the air reaches a certain amount, it is easy to produce ice blocking accidents, which makes the refrigeration system circulation blocked or even interrupted

air entering the refrigeration system, whether it is a large refrigeration system or a small refrigeration equipment, will bring adverse consequences. If air is found to enter the refrigeration system of the chiller, it should be repaired in time. In order to ensure that users can use water chillers with good refrigeration effect, stable operation and durability, dongyuejin water chiller factory will conduct 100% performance test before the unit leaves the factory, and charge refrigerant and lubricating oil to ensure sufficient refrigeration capacity, and all parameters meet relevant standards

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