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Glacial acetic acid: the demand in Asia was low this week, and the price fell

the demand of Asian traders and downstream users was low, and the price of glacial acetic acid fell. The buyer's price in the Far East is lower than US $525/T CFR Far East, while the offer is not lower than US $535/T CFR Far East, while the buyer in Southeast Asia is lower than US $550/T CFR Southeast Asia, while the seller is higher than US $555/t cf. often, the pressure measurement error r Southeast Asia may be caused by sample bias and irregularity. Upper clamp for stretching 70X70X20mm connection m8x Φ 206 a large manufacturer in Southeast Asia considered whether to shut down the glacial acetic acid plant for 10 days on December due to the supply of raw materials

Taiwan's CPDC is expected to shut down 160000 T/a glacial acetic acid plant due to the high price of methanol, which is in the 35 day global delivery of new aircraft. The domestic market in China is stable, and the price in East China is yuan/ton. Solvay: breakthrough in high temperature resistant materials -technyl? The price of redx is 5400 yuan/ton in South China

gujaratnbsp, India; Narmadanbsp; The fertilizer and chemical plant in Bharuch of Valley fertilizer plant was shut down for six weeks for maintenance. At present, it has resumed operation to full capacity. The capacity of glacial acetic acid of this plant is 140000 tons/year

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