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[gift bag] China's largest tonnage telescopic boom fork is loaded and sent to Europe in batches

[big gift package] China's largest tonnage telescopic boom fork is loaded and sent to Europe in batches

China Construction Machinery Information

dressed in red and colored, with a full sense of ceremony

recently, XCMG telescopic boom forklift truck

incarnated as "New Year gift bag"

was delivered in batches to the European high-end market

I have to say it's too delicious

with the sustained and rapid economic development

large scale port transportation

the prevalence of agricultural production mode

represented by the high-end markets in Europe and North America

there is a strong demand for telescopic boom fork loading

the key core technology "neck"

has become a common problem faced by major port machinery manufacturers

vice president of XCMG machinery Liu Jiansen, general manager of import and export company, made a speech

taking the lead in mastering the forklift self leveling system

telescopic boom forklift LMI system

self locking multi-mode to avoid the emergence of independent research and development ability of a number of core technologies such as loose steering system of parts and components in the process of material experiment

relying on the deep research and development foundation of boom products

and solid process support ability

XCMG is among the world's top port machinery manufacturers

Win more big orders

under the difficult situation of the COVID-19, why did the telescopic boom truck go against the trend and win the first opportunity in the overseas market

the key lies in the outstanding performance advantages of the product

with strong off-road performance

flexible steering model, this October's type, accurate control system

safe and reliable compound operation control system

and multi accessory combination mode

to meet the needs of ports Freight yard

and major agricultural and industrial application scenarios

as a high-end multi-functional wealth creation artifact

the telescopic forklift delivered this time

"we can fully control this production line

since the release of BMW exhibition, it has been widely sought after by customers

with the quality improvement of the whole value chain and refined services

constantly meet customers' value-added needs

deeply cultivate" technological innovation " "Internationalization" two main strategies

XCMG continues to strengthen independent innovation

making steady progress towards high-end products and high-end markets

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