The world's largest gear grinding spiral bevel gea

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China has made the world's largest gear grinding spiral bevel gear

China has made the world's largest gear grinding spiral bevel gear

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Guide: the development and research project of large-size, high-precision, high-speed and heavy-duty circular arc bevel gear undertaken by Zhuzhou walde special gear Co., Ltd. has recently passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal of the group of Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology with a service life of several 10 years. Talking about this achievement, as an expert who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, vice president and Secretary of the gear professional association

the "development and research of large-size, high-precision, high-speed and heavy-duty circular arc bevel gears" project undertaken by Zhuzhou walde special gear Co., Ltd. recently passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province. Talking about this achievement, as an expert who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, Wang Shengtang, vice president and Secretary General of the gear professional association, couldn't suppress his excitement. He repeatedly said that this was a major breakthrough in the field of basic components of China's major equipment, which once again broke the technological monopoly of foreign countries on China

it is understood that the independent research and development of large-scale equipment in China has been restricted by key parts, especially the large-scale and high-precision spiral bevel gears required in the fields of automotive equipment, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, petroleum equipment, building materials equipment, power generation and marine equipment in China have been dependent on imports for a long time, and only a few countries in the world can produce them. The spiral bevel gear that has been identified and mass produced this time has a maximum cylindrical diameter of 1100mm, a maximum modulus of 24mm, a maximum tooth width of 190mm, and a maximum positioning diameter of 200mm for the bevel gear shaft. It is the largest gear grinding spiral bevel gear in the world at present. The appraisal committee believes that the successful development of this product has filled the domestic gap, broken the monopoly of foreign products, and effectively alleviated the bottleneck of key components in the field of major equipment

Zeng Tao, Professor of Central South University, is a famous gear expert in China. He knows well the production capacity of large-scale, high-precision, high-speed and heavy-duty spiral bevel gears in the world. He said that the maximum diameter of the outer circle processed by American equipment is only 800mm, and that of German equipment is 1000mm. China is the third country after the United States and Germany to produce CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine, gear grinding machine and gear grinding machine series high-end equipment. Walde uses the domestic yk22100 full numerical control spiral bevel gear milling machine and gear grinding machine to produce products with a maximum cylindrical diameter of 1100mm, and the diameter of the driving wheel positioning shaft processed by foreign equipment can only reach 100mm, while walde's yield point σ S =ps/fo (MPA) has reached 200mm, and the product accuracy can reach 5~6 levels, which is a major breakthrough, and it is also the largest processing capacity of large-scale high-precision spiral bevel gears in China at present

as the user of large-scale, high-precision, high-speed and heavy-duty circular arc bevel gears this time, caoyun, executive deputy director of the technology center of CSIC Chongqing gear box Co., Ltd., told that with the development of economy, the production lines of mining, cement, steel rolling and other industries are becoming larger and larger, thus giving birth to China's large reducer Market. Heavy gear is one of the largest manufacturing enterprises of industrial heavy reducer in China. The vertical mill reducer designed and produced by the company in recent years is a patented product to solve the special requirements of cement grinding, power plant coal grinding, steel slag slag grinding and so on. Spiral bevel gear with high precision, high strength, large specification and hard tooth surface is a high-tech core component to meet the specific requirements of this product. However, due to foreign technological monopoly and other reasons, this component used by the vertical mill of heavy gear company has been dependent on imports since it was put into production, and resources are quite tight. In Cao Yun's impression, the heavy gear company has been looking for a supplier of large-scale high-grade spiral bevel gears for nearly 20 years. They have traveled all over America, Europe and Japan, and have used products from several countries. Generally, the order cycle is long and the price is expensive. Later, the products of a Nordic enterprise were selected, and the sea transportation time after packing was close to two months, and the freight of a pair of gears alone was 20000 euros. He said happily that with this, resources can be obtained in China, the bottleneck of parts and components can be effectively alleviated, the cost of host products can be greatly reduced, and the market competitiveness of heavy gear company will also be improved

while affirming the great significance of this achievement, experts and users also praise Zhuzhou walde special gear Co., Ltd., which was established less than two years ago, for its achievements. Hezongjian, vice chairman of Zhuzhou walde special gear Co., Ltd., told that the company's name "walde" is a transliteration of English "world", which clearly shows the ambitious goal of "becoming a world-class enterprise"; At the same time, "Wo" means "I" and "Er" means "you", which means that the enterprise hopes to develop harmoniously with users and peers. Walde positioned its business as the development, design, production, sales and technical consulting services of special gears, and invested 15million yuan in the first phase to build a fully CNC high-precision spiral bevel gear production line with a processing product diameter of 1100mm. The company adopts the innovative method of combining production, learning, research and application, forms an innovative alliance with key users and equipment manufacturing enterprises such as Central South University and heavy gear company, and forms a one-stop joint research from the aspects of design and development, equipment manufacturing, product processing, use effect, etc., so that the domestic heavy spiral bevel gear manufacturing has made a rapid breakthrough in specification, quality and quantity. For example, when developing 1100mm gears, the company boldly broke the theoretical constraints of the two tooth systems of spiral bevel gears. On the basis of not changing the installation size and ensuring the strength of the original gears, the tooth system was changed from the traditional circular arc contraction tooth system or cycloid tooth system to circular arc equal height tooth system, and bold innovation was made in the gear specification and processing technology, so that the geometric accuracy of the products reached 5-6 levels, and the production cycle was shortened from the original 16 months to 3 months, Achieved a worldwide breakthrough

on April 15 this year, Walder company sent the first batch of large spiral bevel gear products to Chongqing. After inspection by Chongqing gearbox Co., Ltd., all performance indicators were qualified, which can completely replace imports. Soon, it signed a supply contract of more than 8 million yuan with Chongqing gear. In addition to heavy teeth, walde products have been matched with main reducers used in petroleum, building materials, electric power, mining, steel and other industries, and the monthly output has exceeded 20 sets. Around the production of Wald special gears, some social resources actively provide supporting services for it. Wald also actively outsources heat treatment and other process links to professional companies, so that it can obtain greater production capacity with less or no investment. He Zongjian said that the micro milltm pilot and commercial production line was built in the rolling plant of Alcoa in San Antonio, Texas, a cluster and professional development mode, which enabled Walder to win more time, manpower and material resources to focus on the innovation of key technologies and the improvement of core capabilities. On the basis of forming 1100mm heavy spiral bevel gear processing capacity, the company plans to build another high-precision spiral bevel gear production line capable of producing 1600mm diameter. After the completion of the project, the company will become the largest professional manufacturer of high-precision large-scale spiral bevel gears with hard tooth surfaces in China and even in the world

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