Europe, America and Japan vigorously promote biode

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Europe, America and Japan vigorously promote biodegradable plastics

biodegradable plastics is an effective way to solve the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste and alleviate the shortage of oil resources. It has become a direction of the development of plastic industry in the future, and the market prospect is very broad. In recent years, developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have invested a lot of money in this regard, accelerating the industrialization of biodegradable plastics, in order to seize the dominant position in the future market competition for physical property experiments, teaching research, quality control and other indispensable testing equipment

as the birthplace of biodegradable plastics, Britain has begun to promote the use of starch series polylactic acid series biodegradable shopping bags and food packaging bags in supermarkets, with an annual consumption of 20billion. BASF, Bayer in Germany and Ciba Specialty Chemicals in Switzerland have benefited from the support of the government and non-governmental environmental protection organizations. The post natal industrialization of biodegradable plastics has made rapid progress, with products including starch, polyester, PVA series, etc. Gargilldow company of the United States is the largest company in the industrialized production of biodegradable plastics in the world at present. It mainly produces polylactic acid series, and has built a production capacity of 140000 tons/year. In the next two years, it will invest $3billion in the large-scale industrialization of polylactic acid and polylactide. Other companies include wamer Lawbert, DuPont and Eastman. Japan also attaches great importance to the development of biodegradable plastics. The industrialization scale of chemical synthetic aliphatic polyester of Showa polymer company will reach 100000 tons/year; The Japanese corn starch company has established a joint venture with the United States to establish a starch series biodegradable plastic factory with a production scale of 20000 tons/year; Japan's Toyota Motor Company and Fujitsu company use biodegradable plastics in car interiors and notebook computers respectively. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is based on the principle of manufacturer production and service

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