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Evaluation and analysis of the trend of high-end soft pack cigarettes (2)

(2) low coke environmental protection, new anti-counterfeiting, outstanding scientific and technological advantages

with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the safety of smoking cigarettes are becoming higher and higher, and low coke environmental protection has gradually become the trend and fashion of consumption. In July this year, the National Bureau has imposed a mandatory shutdown on cigarettes with tar content of more than 15 mg, so as to encourage enterprises to accelerate technological progress and improve the internal quality of cigarette products. The newly developed soft pack cigarettes pay special attention to the technical requirements in this regard. Through scientific research, many enterprises have actively discussed how to reduce the tar content of cigarettes and maintain the unique flavor of brands, and achieved remarkable results

it can be seen from the tar and nicotine content of several soft pack cigarettes listed in the above table that the tar and nicotine content of new soft pack cigarettes are generally low. Developers start from the perspective of consumers' health, highlight the humanized care, integrate consumers' brand-new health concept into the design, and truly reflect the new potential needs of consumers

in terms of packaging, various manufacturers have launched technical competition, anti-counterfeiting technology, and environmental protection materials, constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, so that soft pack cigarettes overcome the embarrassment of weak packaging, highlight their own scientific and technological advantages, and improve the product grade. Hongta took the lead in adopting HT-2 improved new technology filter tip stick in Xinfa soft bag Hongtashan, so as to effectively avoid the hidden health hazards of cigarettes in the transmission process, and the smoking taste is mellow and soft. The new concept of soft package "Huangshan" of Bengbu cigarette factory aims to create "Anhui image cigarette". The laser soft package is elegant and modern, with a very metallic texture. Ningbo tobacco factory "Red Eagle of soft bag boutique" adopts the European Central Bank Top anti-counterfeiting aluminum technology, aluminum foil twice bronzing, tipping paper two-color bronzing, laser punching; Yanji tobacco factory's soft (red) "Changbai Mountain" uses British corrugated filter rods, and the cigarettes use French modi vertical disc paper, which has high whiteness, high elasticity, high air permeability and other properties, so that the smoke has little strength and clean aftertaste. The "laser transfer paper" packaging technology can produce rainbow like colors after rain when illuminated, which is of far-reaching significance to improve the grade of soft pack cigarettes. Since 2003, Honghe tobacco factory has quietly changed the packaging of "high-quality Honghe" with a production and sales volume of 100000 boxes from coated rainbow paper to rainbow aluminized paper in order to maintain the long-term vitality of the brand. The new "Honghe (V8)" launched this year reflects the idea of creating wealth through science and technology. The tipping paper bronzing design resonates and breaks through yellow and white on various social, economic and livelihood issues, Adopt dark purple to highlight the highlights of V8. Chengdu cigarette factory's "soft bag sunshine Jiaozi" applies high-tech technology from the inside to the outside, introduces cash anti-counterfeiting technology into product packaging design, and applies simplex method to extract natural antibacterial factors from traditional Chinese medicine, so as to form a broad-spectrum antibacterial barrier on the surface, inhibit the formation of bacteria in cigarette transmission, and fully reflect humanized characteristics

(3) cultural addition, spiritual appeal, condensing the soul of the brand

"China" cigarette has been endowed with the special cultural connotation of "love China" from the beginning, condensing the strong patriotic complex of China, so that people naturally have the national self-confidence of loving the motherland and using domestic products when buying. Special requirements: temperature 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity 20% RH ~ 70% RH, especially those overseas Chinese. When they see "Zhonghua" smoke, they think of their haunted motherland. Therefore, it is affectionately called "Guoyan" by consumers

the new soft pack cigarette also borrows this feature. While giving full consideration to satisfying the sensory pleasure of smokers, it pays special attention to the spiritual needs and satisfaction it brings to consumers. Its prominent highlight is that it takes cigarette as the medium, adheres to culture, excavates connotation, carefully condenses the intangible value of brands, and embodies more spiritual sustenance and appeal of high-end cigarettes. It highlights the market mainstream of "smoking is eating culture", especially high-end soft pack cigarettes, which mostly reflects this consumption feature. Acting as the media carrier of spiritual enjoyment, it represents a positive, fresh, environmental friendly and healthy spiritual concept and cultural connotation. Beijing tobacco factory's soft bag boutique "Zhongnanhai" is rendered with red details and gold patterns, which embodies dignity in harmony, shows the noble temperament of "enjoying the fun of exquisite life", and adds "enjoying the fun of exquisite life", which reflects the brand's higher-level spiritual enjoyment and caters to people's new concept of pursuing health and fashion. Ningbo tobacco factory's "Great Red Eagle of soft package boutique" reflects the brand's internal cultural accumulation with "noble - tempering from the heart", highlights the brand's passion and exquisite internal beauty, and conforms to the unified positioning of the enterprise brand of "Eagle of victory". Qujing tobacco factory's soft pack boutique "Fu" cigarettes are packed based on tradition and rich in contemporary technology. Every detail contains the theme of "supreme dignity, sharing happiness". Another new soft bag is "Fu", with 5 Venus and 56 small stars on the box, implying the "bright stars" of 56 nationalities, expressing the connotation of quyan's "Fu culture" that benefits the people. At the end of 2003, Xiamen cigarette factory newly developed the auspicious soft bag "Shishi", giving the "Shishi" brand a new cultural connotation, and taking "auspicious and safe" as the core value of the brand, The brand culture is positioned as "for thousands of years, in China's national culture, the stone lion has always been a symbol of protecting people's good luck and peace. It is not afraid of the cold wind and the scorching sun, down-to-earth, and always loyal to you. It is noble, dignified, extremely King style; it is powerful and auspicious, and is regarded as the treasure of protecting the country and the country." It is the first product launched by Xiamen cigarette factory after launching the national culture brand strategy. Qingzhou cigarette factory's "soft pack VIP Baxi", Wuhan cigarette group's "soft pack (LAN) Yellow Crane Tower", "Soft Pack Red Dragon (red)" and Chengdu cigarette factory's "soft sunshine bag Jiaozi" also use different design techniques. 5. Effective workspace: 150 × one hundred and fifty × 240mm skillfully endows the brand with special connotation and meets the spiritual needs of consumers

II. Analysis of factors for the strength of high-end soft pack cigarettes

1. Complex and subtle consumer psychology

consumer psychology is currently playing an increasingly important role in enterprises' scientific brand management and accurate market positioning, and its impact on the brand and market is often obvious complexity and uncertainty. In terms of the consumption motivation of soft pack cigarettes, it is also very subtle, which generally includes three factors:

(1) synergistic effect

soft pack "Zhonghua" cigarettes have been selling well in the market since the beginning of the world. It is a popular brand in the high-end cigarette market, with a market price of up to 700 yuan. It is still often out of stock on holidays. At the beginning of the period, "Zhonghua" was only a high-level entertainment cigarette, a symbol of identity and status. Later, with the improvement of people's living standards, Guoyan "Zhonghua" has begun to enter the homes of ordinary people, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. It has become the first choice for family banquets and merchants to welcome and send cigarettes. In particular, the strength of soft pack "Zhonghua" cigarettes in recent years has become a highlight of the market, and its market price is far higher than that of hard pack "Zhonghua" by nearly 200 yuan

driven by this exemplary role of the market, the synergistic effect is very obvious, and high-end soft pack cigarettes are competing to follow suit. Those consumers who have a little difficulty in bearing the price of soft "Zhonghua" can experience the unique feeling like "National Tobacco" in the process of smoking other high-end soft packs, and meet the subtle psychology of this part of consumers, which makes it possible for the market to recognize and strengthen

(2) spiritual consumption

Maslow's demand pyramid theory shows that demand presents a certain order. Only when the low-level demand is satisfied to a certain extent, the high-level demand will become an incentive factor. At present, the development of cigarette brands is also evolving along the path of "functionality symbolic experience", from paying attention to the use value of cigarettes themselves, meeting physiological and safety needs, to pursuing emotion, identity and respect, and then focusing on "showing yourself to others through the brand", so as to obtain a kind of psychological warm and beautiful memory, feelings and reverie, rather than being limited to the traditional understanding of taste, appearance, price Style requirements. Soft pack high-end cigarettes, it is to seize this point, most of them soft and solemn, introverted and implicit, magnanimous without losing elegance, noble without publicity. "The heart takes off with the brand", which conveys the message of success, confidence and dignity to consumers. At the same time, it gives consumers a good impression that soft pack cigarettes put more investment and energy into the improvement of internal quality, which also meets the psychological thoughts of consumers in terms of quality price ratio

(3) return to consumption

cigarettes are a kind of habitual consumer goods. Once recognized by consumers, they generally will not change and show relative stability. However, modern consumption shows a trend of diversification, and the psychological needs of consumption are in a wavy state. Cigarette consumption also has the possibility of return and rotation. Modern cigarette packaging adopts soft package design, which makes full use of the "reverse regression" effect to adapt to consumers' psychology of returning to nature. Coarse grain and wild vegetables have become green food on the table instead of large meat and refined grain; Coarse cotton clothes have become everyone's favorite over chemical fiber fabrics. Changing from regular hard pack cigarettes to soft pack cigarettes is also a reversal of consumer demand in smoking

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